2 Wheel Vagabond

2 Wheel Vagabond


Friday 22 May 2015

Kulon Progo & Kalibiru

I was very fortunate to be invited by Andry Berlianto and 3M Adventours for a motorbike tour around beautiful Kulon Progo and its surrounding areas. Kulon Progo is a unique place to visit in central Java, it is blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery that can be found in the area but is not yet flooded with tourists. The tour took us along winding mountain roads that were perfect for riding and past iconic local attractions like Sermo Dam and Kalibiru. After stopping for some photos at Kalibiru we ventured further into the mountains and soon found ourselves riding steep, narrow roads surrounded by think vegetation, this added a real flavour of adventure to the riding. Perhaps the highlight of the day was visiting Taman Sungai Madal, we took a walk along the cascading waterfalls and went for a swim in one of the many natural pools. The tourist potential here has only recently been discovered by the local villagers and it was quite inspirational to see the local community come together to build a sustainable tourist industry and meet people who were keen to share the beauty of their backyard. Many thanks to Andry and all the other riders that joined me for the day and also to the many locals that warmly welcomed me into their community. www.facebook.com/kulonprogotour

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