2 Wheel Vagabond

2 Wheel Vagabond


Monday 16 February 2015


Singapore Island was once a safe haven for hundreds of pirate boats that preyed on passing ships, it was inhabited by traders, fisherman and robbers, I think I would have preferred it back then compared to the commerce driven city that it has become today. It’s undoubtedly an amazing place…. it’s neat, clean and organised and if you scratch a little under the surface you’ll find some interesting places. I spent a just under a week here and that was long enough, perhaps if I was a keen shopper I would have enjoyed it more but for me this island metropolis lacked some soul. Thankfully I was fortunate to have met a number of very nice locals during my stay and had some great company at many of the quality restaurant and bar areas that the city has to offer. “Sanitary” is the best word I could use to describe Singapore but I think a city is a little like a woman… better if they’re a little bit dirty, full of character and have plenty of attitude.

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